The citadel view

Citadel believes in providing clients with professional short to long-term consulting services, while also building lasting and meaningful business relationships. We are convinced that a strong foundation with our clients is crucial in being able to address their needs quickly, while ensuring that the end result exceeds their expectations. To accomplish this we take a proactive consulting approach, conforming our practices to those of our clients to ensure complete service integration - effectively becoming part of your business team.

Furthermore, even though a contract may end, we do not believe it is the end of our time together. Our experts will continue to work for you, informing you of potential business opportunities and developments that may be of interest, free of charge, to ensure that you undertake another project with us. Citadel’s client list is kept strictly confidential, and our experts work with the utmost discretion to ensure your information is kept secure.  We have a high client retention ratio and our business thrives due to our ethical approach and commitment to our client’ success. We are certain that once a client has experienced the services Citadel has to offer they will want to work with us for years to come!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with a revolutionary type of business experience, one that focuses on personalized consulting that adds real value to your organization. We focus our attention on three main consulting areas: Policy, Translation, and Business & Legal, having built a strong and diverse team of consultants in each of the areas. Unlike larger firms, Citadel will provide you with a consultant that will stay with you as your business develops, allowing them to manage your file and get to know your specific needs. The flexibility and expertise of our consultants, combined with their personalized knowledge of your company, allows them to quickly respond to any request, no matter the urgency or size. If you are ready to take the next step and experience what Citadel has to offer, contact us today!

What We're known for

  • Positioning ourselves as leaders in providing support for short and long-term consulting projects.
  • Improving business visibility for our clients, while also improving their business development programs in innovative ways.
  • Fostering connections between a range of international stakeholders, increasing business cooperation and partnerships.
  • Providing integral and expert recommendations on high-profile policy documents.
  • Consistently providing high-quality, rapid, and valuable services, while ensuring it is inexpensive and efficient.
  • Building a strong professional network of like-minded expert consultants, drawn from diverse areas of expertise, that put their client' success first.