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David Walsh-Pickering


David Walsh-Pickering specializes in foreign and domestic policy, comprehensive business review, and legal services. He has experience working with a range of senior public and private stakeholders, facilitating relationships between energetic business leaders, and developing small- and large-scale business programs. His focus is on risk management, negotiations, marketing and sales strategies, coordinating and facilitating business relationships, and developing and implementing business programs. As the founder of Citadel, David’s goal is to create a consulting firm that can provide expertise to a varied network of loyal clients. 

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Janis Walsh

Senior Partner

Janis Walsh has over twenty years of experience in writing, composing, editing, French to English translation, writing marketing material, and researching and writing about Canada’s industrial and commercial real-estate sectors. A senior partner at Citadel, Janis is particularly interested in helping clients present their business in the best possible light and will edit, compose, or translate all corporate communications – websites, annual reports, news releases, advertisements – into professional and polished presentations sure to appeal to and grow your target client base.