While Citadel can provide consulting for any type of project, our team specializes in three main areas: Policy, Translation, and Business & Legal. Through our years of consulting experience in each of these areas, our team of experts are well positioned to deal with any issue, and we invite you to take a look at our areas of specialty below.

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Citadel provides services for a range of policy programs, from full-scale drafting and development, to last minute review and implementation. With years of policy experience in finance, foreign policy, healthcare, and law, let our team help you achieve your project goals today!



Properly communicating and presenting your company's goods and services is crucial for expanding your business. Our team of language experts will review and translate your business materials, ensuring that they present a professional and comprehensive overview of what you have offer.

Business & lEGAL

Ensuring efficiency and compliance within your business is crucial for limiting financial loss and liability. We will help you review and address current or potential issues affecting your operations, all the while maintaining complete discretion and confidentiality.