The Business & Legal department at Citadel provides a backbone for your company, using our years of experience to provide you with solutions to any of your business needs.


Business development can often be a complex and confusing endeavour, especially if you are looking to expand or develop into new markets. Whether you are looking to simply engage with more clients or require a comprehensive business plan, the Citadel team is ready to help you with any development project. Furthermore, to simplify the development process for you, our team has specialized in business negotiations, dispute resolution, and agreements, making sure that your interests are protected while minimizing the chances of loss.  


While development of your business is important, it is also important to take a step back and review your organizations practices and processes, ensuring that they are not only financially efficient, but that they also comply with industry standards and regulations. Our team has years of experience reviewing a range of business practices, and can quickly pinpoint any potential liability issues while maintaining strict confidentiality. Allow our team to conduct a comprehensive business review of your organization, and we will provide you will a set plan on how to address any business weaknesses. 

LEgal services

One of Citadel's specialty services is providing consulting support to legal practitioners, reducing the costs to clients while also improving the efficiency of your legal team. Our team has extensive knowledge in the preparation of legal documents, including memorandums of understanding, briefing notes, reviewing case files, and updating and maintaining your administrative database. We also provide legal research, case preparation, and client investigations on request.